Weldon Collection

The historic Haliburton House Museum is proud to display the Weldon Collection of fine china. In 1880, Mrs. Susannah Weldon of New Brunswick - a daughter of Thomas Chandler Haliburton - gave the impressive collection to King's College, Windsor, Nova Scotia. The donation was made in honour of Mrs. Weldon's son, Haliburton Weldon, who died in 1873 shortly after his graduation from King’s College.

The 363 pieces, mainly English tableware (ca. 1760 – 1840) and Chinese export porcelain (ca. 1610 – 1790), represent one of the earliest collections of ceramics in Canada. Formed between 1865 and 1875, the purpose of the collection was to preserve examples of fine china brought to the country by the Loyalists, families who fled the American Revolution in the 1770s.

When King’s College burned in 1920, the china was moved to the college’s new building in Halifax, however in 1949, part of the Weldon Collection was given to the Haliburton House Museum for permanent display.